Watch This First:
New Online Course To:
  •  Experience a profound Galactic Initiation to remove anything blocking you from connecting with your Galactic Family of Light and shift your vibrational frequencies and to access the higher dimensions
  •  Connect with your Galactic Family of Light for assistance with your Health, Relationships, Divine Purpose, Divine Wisdom, Divine Abundance, Divine Guidance
  • Experience more and more tangible contact with your Galactic Family of Light indoors or outdoors
  • Your Galactic Family of Light is your future version, who is coming back to assist you now with new healing modalities, wisdom, and activations of Light
  •  Meet with like minded people from all over the world to experience your Ascension journey and Galactic Contact 
  •  Connect with the energies of sacred Mount Shasta, an Intergalactic hub
  •  Receive new wisdom and assistance from Adama of Telos and the Galactic civilization of Telos/former Lemuria
Here is what you'll get with this profound 
Online Class to experience your Galactic Initiation:
  •  Profound Release of old Beliefs and Paradigms and anything standing in your way of Galactic Contact
  •  How to prepare for Galactic Contact
  •  Galactic Contact Kit for indoor or outdoor experiences
  •  Specific Action Steps to make this process easy
  •  Up to date channelings of The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light
  •  Meditations and Activations of Light to clear your path for Galactic Contact and all Beings of Light
  •  Brand new channellings of Adama of Telos (the last video channelling of Adama through Asara was several years ago)
  •  Access to Private Facebook group to continue your connection with others who are also experiencing Galactic Contact and their Galactic Initiation
  •  Take the course on your own time from the comfort of your home
  •  Meet the people who have actually witnessed real starships 

Here is what you'll get:

Guided Galactic Initiation  
Recorded At Galactic Contact Event In Mt. Shasta
(There will be no Galactic Contact Event this year.)
6 Full length Workshops to guide you through 
your Galactic Initiation:
6 Module Online Class in
Video Format
of Class
To work with me "One on One" to move though their Galactic Initiation Journey, people pay thousands of Dollars, but I wanted to make this program available to you for a fraction of the price.

For a limited time you can access 
"The Galactic Initiation Journey to 
Assist With Your Ascension"

for the energy exchange of only $597   $297   
If your heart says YES!
As a special bonus you'll get:
Galactic Contact Kit For
Groups and Individuals
Access to Our Private 
Facebook Group
Get Access to 
"The Galactic Initiation Journey to 
Assist With Your Ascension:"

- Online Class in Video Format
- Meditations and Activations
- MP3 Downloads
- Galactic Contact Kit
- Access to our private Facebook Group

for the energy exchange of only $597  $297 
If your heart says YES!
A portion of the proceeds is being donated to animal welfare and animal advocacy charities, such as Farm Sanctuary and  The Animal Place.