Access Your Star Knowledge And
Open Your Inner Star Portal With Ease!
Find Out More About Your Galactic History
And Where You Are Coming From!
Here is what's included in Special Offer Bundle 4:
Galactic Workshop Level 9:
Awakening Your Star Knowledge
& Activate Your Inner Star Portal:

- Access Your Star Knowledge
- Activate Your Inner Star Portals
- Find Out More About Your Galactic History and Where 
You Are Coming From
Galactic Workshop Level 10:
How to Have Clear & Real 
Conversations With Galactic 
Beings of Light:
- Receive Clear Answers From Your Galactic Family of Light 
- Have Real Experiences With Galactic Beings of Light
- Receive Advanced Healing Modalities
- Work With Powerful Sacred Geometry
Galactic Workshop Level 11:
How to Experience and Live In 
The 5th Dimension & Beyond
With Ease
- Move Between Dimensions 4,5,6,7, & 8 With Ease
- Manifest Your Desired Experiences Faster
- Increase Your Capacity For Unconditional Love
- Meet With Angels, Ascended Masters and Galactic Beings 
of Light
Galactic Workshop Level 12:
How to Access Inter-Dimensional
Portal With Crop Circles

- Know The Difference Between Real & Fake Crop Circles
 - How to Decode Crop Circles
- Enter Higher Dimensions With These Portals 
- Access Advanced Knowledge About Manifesting Anything
If Purchased Separately:

Galactic Workshop Level  9
Galactic Workshop Level 10
Galactic Workshop Level 11
Galactic Workshop Level 12

$ 87
$ 87
$ 87
$ 87
Total $348
Your energy exchange only: $97

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